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ThinkAlliance.com is an international affiliation of business strategists, consultants, marketers, and dealmakers, all dedicated to bringing people and their companies together with other like-minded business people for mutual gain.

The business relationships we create can take the form of joint ventures, cross-promotions, strategic alliances, partnerships, endorsements, brain trusts, marketing alliances, and just about any other scenario you could imagine.

We are committed to developing what we call "all-win situations," where all the parties to the alliance (and especially their customers) walk away smiling. Most of the alliances require no major capital investment, but they do require an open and creative mindset.

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ThinkAlliance.com is a "virtual company" in the sense that there is no centralized location from which our advisers work. As a network of like-minded business strategists (Advisers), ThinkAlliance.com utilizes the Internet and other technologies to communicate, brainstorm, and capitalize on a unique talent pool unrestricted by geographic constraints.

ThinkAlliance.com is a leading player in the burgeoning field of teleconsulting, where professional advisers communicate with clients via telephone, video conferencing, the World Wide Web, and other technologies. Teleconsulting eliminates the costly overhead of brick-and-mortar businesses, enabling us to pass the savings on to our clients.

Although we do have office facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our activities, personnel, clients and projects are spread around the world. We have a very high degree of flexibility as a "virtual" company--flexibility that doesn’t come with being located in a single physical building in an office park.

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Any company, of any size, in any industry (online or not) interested in expanding their business, improving sales, broadening the scope of their vision, or exchanging ideas with like-minded people in the same or different industries. ThinkAlliance.com has worked with individual salespeople, start-up companies, and multi-national corporations.

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